04May2021 Nuflower Foods Engagement Dairy

Engagement Dairy Nuflower Foods 04-05-2021

Had a Detailed discussion with Vishwas Ji of Nuflower on SMP Fundamentals and Outlook in last two weeks. Also had a pricing strategy discussion on SMP procurement:

As per our discussion on SMP fundamentals and Pricing strategy, details are below:

  • Discussed about the current happening across Maharashtra, North and South Regions.
  • Discussed about the various factors like raw milk prices, marriage demand in the coming weeks which can affect the prices negatively.
  • Discussed about various suppliers prices and shared the same.
  • Currently, Maharashtra Prices are ruling at INR 220 per kg, we are expecting some bearishness in the coming weeks so i advised vishwas ji to wait till 15th May end for procurement of one month.